Sunday June 30, 2019

0900 -1200

Cultural Tour of Iqaluit:

Private tour of the Iqaluit Museum and the Iqaluit Visitor Centre. These venues are not usually open to the public on Sunday. Please contact Nancy for tickets (this optional tour is not part of the conference CME).

1400 -1500


1500 – 1530

Opening Remarks and Welcome - Open to all Attendees and Guests
  • Professor Christopher Honey
    President, Canadian Neuromodulation Society

  • The Honorable George Hickes
    Minister of Health, Iqaluit

  • The Honorable Madeleine Redfern
    Mayor of Iqaluit

  • Throat Singing Welcome

1530 – 1615

Kumar Lecture
  • “Spinal Cord Stimulation for Pain.”
    Professor Bengt Linderoth
    Stockholm, Sweden

1615 – 1700

Tasker Lecture
  • “Spinal Cord Stimulation for Parkinson's Disease Gait.”
    Dr. Andrew Parrent
    London, Canada

1700 – 1745

CNS Lecture
  • "Neuromodulation for Spinal Cord Injury."
    Dr. Ismael Seanez
    Lausanne, Switzerand

1745 – 1815

Special Guest Lecture - Open to All Attendees and Guests
  • “Archeology in the Arctic.”
    Charles Arnold
    Arctic Institute of Northern America


Opening Reception & President's Dinner
  • Frobisher Inn

Monday July 1, 2019 (Canada Day)

0700 – 0800


0800 – 1200

Concurrent Spousal Programme
  • Guided tour of Iqaluit with Charles Arnold
    Arctic Institute of North America

0800 – 1000

Session 1: Deep Brain Stimulation
  • Moderator: Chris Honey
    "What happened to DBS for Pain?"
    Dr. Andrey Sitnikov, Moscow, Russia
    "A Trial of DBS for Neuropathic Dental Pain."
    Dr. Marie Krueger, Vancouver, Canada
    "An Update on DBS for Psychiatric Conditions."
    Dr. Tejas Sankar, Edmonton, Canada
    "Diffusion Tensor Imaging (DTI) and Neurmodulation."
    Dr. Josue Avecillas, Madrid, Spain
    "Influence of Disease Lateralization in Parkinson's on Tractography and Electrophysiology Findings."
    Dr. Lutz Weise, Halifax Canada
    "Ethics Response to Ethical Issues in DBS."
    Dr. Judy Illes, Vancouver, Canada

1000 – 1030

Break and Poster Viewing

1030 – 1230

Session 2: Spinal Cord Stimulation
  • Moderator: Anuj Bhatia
    "Monitoring Outcomes of Spinal Cord Stimulation."
    Dr. Anuj Bhatia, Toronto, Canada
    "Dorsal Root Ganglion Stimulation: it's Place in Therapy."
    Dr. Line Jacques, San Francisco, USA
    "Conventional and New Spinal Cord Stimulation Algorithms."
    Dr. Bengt Linderoth, Stockholm, Sweden
    "Specific Neuropathic Pain Subgroups Detected by Validated Questionnaires Predict Response to Spinal Cord Stimulation."
    Dr. Yasmine Hoydonckx, Toronto, Canada

1230 – 1330

Lunch and Special Guest Lecture
  • “Medical Practice in the Far North.”
    Dr. Michael Patterson, Chief Medical Officer of Health, Nunavut

1330 – 1400

AGM Canadian Neuromodulation Society
  • Chairs: Chris Honey (President) and Bill McDonald (Treasurer)

1400 – 1530

Session 3: Peripheral Nerve Stimulation
  • Moderator: Alan Berkman
  • "Peripheral Nerve Stimulation for Cranifacial Pain."
    Dr. Andrew Parrent, London, Canada
  • "Peripheral Nerve Stimulation: Evidence and Targets."
    Dr. Einar Ottestad, Palo Alto, USA
  • "Options When Peripheral Nerve Stimulation Fails to Provide Pain Relief."
    Dr. Line Jacques, San Francisco, USA
  • "Direct Sciatic Nerve Electrical Stimulation (DISNES) for Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS) Type I."
    Dr. Joseph Buwembo, Regina, Canada

1530 – 1600

Break and Poster Viewing

1600 – 1800

Session 4: New Indications and Technologies
  • Moderator: Bill McDonald
    "The ethics of neuromodulation in Canada: methods, patents, rationing."
    Dr. Zelma Kiss, Calgary, Canada
    "How Telemedicine Can Facilitate Neuromodulation in the Far North."
    Dr. Ivar Mendez, Saskatoon, Canada
    "Using Ultrasound to Optimize Outcomes."
    Dr. Einar Ottestad, Palo Alto, USA
    "Rapidly Calibrating Intracortical Brain Computer Interfaces for Communication in Three People with Paralysis."
    Dr. David Brandman, Halifax, Canada
    "First-in-human Neurosurgeries: Lessons Learned from Novel Biotechnologies of the Past."
    Dr. Judy Illes, Vancouver, Canada


Special Guest Lecture - Open to All Attendees and Guests
  • “Inuit Art.”
    Charles Arnold
    Arctic Institute of Northern America
Gala Dinner - Immediately Following Guest Lecture
  • Frobisher Inn

Tuesday July 2, 2019

0700 – 0800


0800 – 1000

Session 5: Open Papers
  • Moderator: Keith MacDougall
    "The Role of the MRI-Neurogram in the Selection of Patients for Peripheral Nerve Stimulation."
    Dr. Line Jacques, San Francisco, USA
    "Are we Try(al)ing Hard Enough?: A Survey of Patients' Experience with Triphasic SCS Trials for Pain Relief."
    Victoria Bains, Toronto, Canada
    "Practice, Perceptions and Predictions: A Survey of North American Functional Neurosurgeons."
    Caitlin Courchesne, Vancouver, Canada
    "Neurosurgical Guidance with Optical Techniques."
    Dr. Daniel Cote, Quebec City, Canada
    "Sacral Low-Level Laser Stimulation Triggers Autonomic Nerves Visible in a Change in Heart Rate Variability."
    Dr. Jan Huizinga, Hamilton, Canada
    "Hippocampal Deep Brain Stimulation for Intractable Epilepsy."
    Karen Waterhouse, Saskatoon, Canada
    "The Clinical Research Landscape of Neuromodulation for the Treatment of Pediatric Drug Resistant Epilepsy."
    Julia Kaal, Vancouver, Canada
    "Post-Mortem Analysis of Parkinson's Disease Brains After 11 and 12 Years of Deep Brain Stimulation of the Subthalamic Nucleus."
    Dr. Martin Parent, Quebec City, Canada

1000 – 1030

Break and Poster Viewing

(The CBC will be filming and interviewing delegates at this time)

1030 – 1100

Awards and Closing Remarks

Halifax 2014

Nova Scotia

The 8th annual meeting of the Canadian Neuromodulation Society was held in Halifax, Nova Scotia, on September 26-28th, 2014


Regina 2016


The 9th annual meeting of the Canadian Neuromodulation Society was held in Regina, Saskatchewan, on September 30th-October 2nd, 2016


Whistler 2018

British Columbia

The 10th annual meeting of the Canadian Neuromodulation Society was held in Whistler, British Columbia, on February 2nd-4th, 2018



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